Self-promotion and music discovery in digital age

Change in the music industry is inevitable. As the music industry has shifted to account for the Internet, physical album sales have been decreasing and the appeal of streaming has been on the rise. But with the rise of streaming, many apps have implemented a focus on discovery. With sources like Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube allowing artists to post their music directly to the viewing public, it is easier than ever for fans to discover new music and for artists to be heard.

Before the days of the Internet and long before streaming, music discovery was completely different. Bands relied on performances and records to raise attention, whereas nowadays, reaching new listeners is a computer’s use away. But as the 2000s have continued, the industry has moved to more of a focus on discovery. The ability of people to curate and find playlists and radio stations has been a selling point of many new apps, like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL.

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